From Evening to Dawn

Crimson worries, rhythmical silence notes down secretly The calligraphic notes brushed finely by the excellent winds Language divine, pacify them- the heart feels assured for now Dusk covers everything like the loving concern of a mother Says, “sit here as long as you wish, but settle the worries” Tonight, before the long walk back home, feel confident Tired legs must walk towards the bed with … Continue reading From Evening to Dawn

Poetic Compassion

A poem looking compassionately through someone else’s eyes  Somone who trusts the poet unwaveringly with all the feelings The task of translating them is a responsibility To create an uncontroversial canvas with the same genuineness A poet’s selfless gesture to listen, listen honestly from the heart and soul The poem may not be about the poet’s ‘I’ But it does have eyes to feel someone’s … Continue reading Poetic Compassion

Listen with Purpose

What you tell, is what you hear from sundry voices Wait! Listen keenly to that feeble voice trying to connect Distracted heart and impatient ears go off to faraway lands Following those voices narrating from antsy moments When tongue gets tied with unscrupulous feelings Language dilutes with pessimism and sudden outbursts Disparaging the healthy language and discouraging hope Of listening to optimistic voices of transformation To … Continue reading Listen with Purpose


Night is not an escape, but an indulgence If there was no darkness to listen to endless meandering of feelings Words would have been dispassionate about narrating life If not for that invisible shoulder to rest this confabulating head Dizziness would have obfuscated the starry canvas There’s no compulsion to keep track of time but ease comfortably in its embrace Night may be inarticulate for … Continue reading Night