It must have stung, but the skin has been unresponsive for a while Determining the emotions in the dark; a tiring work, disrupting the schedule Impatience has hastened the confrontations with a world upturned The shadows have been persistent, like the puppetry of unseen hands Dilemma is now an intense divide- two characters accusing the reflections Waking up to exist in a life that pulsates … Continue reading Divergence

The Commotion and Peace

Creative commotion is quite common, but we may not realise the contradictions that arise due to the confabulations. Apart from the constant debates, quite cunning at times, there could be a tussle in connivance with a contrary ideology. Curiosity takes an ominous turn in the midst of muddled times! Creativity dismantles the status quo and urges the collective disturbances to laboriously travel through the unknown … Continue reading The Commotion and Peace

Writer’s Catharsis

Writing is a cathartic process in the sense that one can clarify many unsolved, distressing, and agonizing situations in life with logical interpretations. The troubling incidents tie life in a knot, and writing can be the most purifying experience after dealing with persistent turmoil. It is not easy to resolve all needling issues at that very moment but as one regains balance to introspect, there … Continue reading Writer’s Catharsis

Poet’s Experience

The poetic journey is cathartic The strong emotions Concerns and genuine passions For life to evolve from struggles Mind does seek the answers Plausible debates with Universe It’s a philosophical strife Trying to unravel the truth of existence It’s a rebellion with thought Poetry is expansive imagery After drawing inspiration from debates In the process of self-realization Contemplation and introspection Spirit deserves the eternal knowledge … Continue reading Poet’s Experience

Life and Decisions

Would you like to confront the mirror of your thoughts? Debate with the myriad reflections of consciousness Imaginations create many situations, of defeats and triumphs Life’s realities prompt your senses to create a world Catharsis through various characterizations, absolving you  From the impact of so many memories that tormented a mind Dialogues of the alter-ego with a persona who guarded the memories It’s only a brave … Continue reading Life and Decisions

Between Blank Pages

Filling the blank pages with words When feelings become too heavy to bear Delving deeper into the flowing catharsis Willingly the writer will not rest till finished Writing another chapter in the memoirs Filling the pages with latent desires One who feels from the heart and soul Emotions and feelings are constant companions Blank pages are the only canvas for a writer Eulogizing even the … Continue reading Between Blank Pages