There is nothing majestic about the screams to impersonate fundamental flaws Festoons try to adorn that facade of grey, swinging with discordant rhythm Coronation of an unkindly manner manifest the unenlightened decisions of consciousness Extravagance become repulsive and barely go beyond entertainment for the eyes Flashes of ignorance cannot illuminate the underlying layers of darkness trampled under dancing feet Flee from the celebrations, for you are … Continue reading Passersby


Celebration of reprehensible ideas Idolised and painted with gilded glamour Only, the sheen is too fragile and excruciating Shattered images narrates ignominious tales Fragmented pieces of life still seems alluring Superficiality slides off easily with eccentricities Vacuous hearts unworthy of trust Scheming glint in the eyes reflect a plan Perplexed hearts articulate soulless speeches Counterfeit nobility wears off soon© Continue reading Perfidious

Perennial Radiance

Perennial radiance goads darkness to reveal its feelings Open its soul and to take a deep plunge into ethereal refulgence Tales of yore narrated with enthusiasm to solitary souls In true measure guiding a seeker towards the realm of illumined space Battling worldly destiny and defying all complexities Dreams glide across the cerulean path to reach valleys of native paradise Once encircled with pleasant life the … Continue reading Perennial Radiance

The Evening

Leaning towards an intriguing evening Somber moods of the day flailingly seek refuge Soft murmur of darkness is a pleasant surprise The heart is unburdened of undesirable anarchy Voices will be heard again with patience Parched life drinks from a mystical stream  Silver essence of the potion rejuvenates the soul Mind is eager to embrace the evening’s candour  From darkness appears a messiah of hope Pray thee … Continue reading The Evening

Morning Beauty

Nature witnesses amorous play of light and dark From where the beauty of morning is birthed Sensual silence lures the soul to wake and love The playful birds sing the celebratory song  Divine aroma in the wind ignites passion To witness the pristine beauty of the morn Rustling leaves suddenly speak in hushed tones Awakened soul is going to kiss the morning beauty Shimmering garment … Continue reading Morning Beauty


Nature’s color palette Is an extravagant blend Hues transcend our imagination Bountiful offering to the muse Each color breathes life A reflection of myriad moods Colors of spiritual emotions Ethos of nature is colorful Plenty of love and affection Colors celebrate vibrantly The purest colors on display For the blessed travelers Colors move in harmony A tribute to eternal masterpiece© Continue reading Colors