The Shadows that Float

Evergreen floats on the overcast reflections Dense time and its late ripples, the expanding circumferences Slowed down, but it feels awkward when its time to reminisce Turning time to suit my existence is a dream that spirals around Like a serpentine reality wounding itself, stifling my breaths Consuming me, while I try connecting the blurry points Grappling with the echoes of forgotten epoch, a present … Continue reading The Shadows that Float

Time of Disquietude

How you could take your mind to a distant place to dwell on Here, the soul talks to an illusion, an uncomfortable silence Unfriendly cold quietens the azure; the wind is also on a hiatus In the midst of the day, time stops to infuse some doctrines When silence has some restlessness like the strong undercurrent This uncomfortable lull widens the distance between realities Brooding … Continue reading Time of Disquietude

Feelings and Dreams

Natural feelings outlive and outshine the inefficient reliance Find their rhyme when daybreak chimes to awaken dreams Streams of feelings uncontrollably desire the allure of morning Rise above the worldliness of trepid feelings, they murmur The songs of brightness, kindness, and limitless joyfulness A course that cleanses the curse of the Chthonic existence Crimson sky, birds fly, feelings try to wake up from slumber Now, … Continue reading Feelings and Dreams


Starry skies waiting for the starry-eyed to come out of that lone refuge Sprightly heart urges the soul to don a new attire for the special occasion Spirits of hope times the clock; hands signal the arrival of sterling moments Sanctuary crafted from the eternal dreams open a new world of freedom Serenity signals the sprawling landscapes lit up with millions of celestial souls ~Amitav Continue reading Stunning

What you Think

What you think of the stars change according to the celestial haze Trying to trick the mind while it interpolates subtle ideas in a dreamy state One moment they seem to be stationary while they quickly change to blinking wonder Their characteristics are birthed from a dark faraway world, yet, they shine brightest The dichotomy of darkness conceiving light is a puzzling interstellar phenomenon None … Continue reading What you Think

The Celestial Earth

Alienated earthy feelings Pensive dawn and unrepentant night Child of earth feels the soil Recognises the celestial relation From oceanic reality to pinnacle of eternity Eyes recognize life in new avatar With the flow but in control The spiral strands reveal the truth Elements become friendly Senses awakened to new reality No unnecessary karma Novelty of breathing in freedom Without realising shapes It’s the beauty … Continue reading The Celestial Earth


A cavern or space, the celestial spin doesn’t determine The spirit remains quiet while holding the keys close to the heart Until the shadows disappear; there is no communication other than silence Implausible for many when vacuous words create unnecessary uproar Everything seems merry through the fabricated perspectives Busy pursuing duality and finding an escape with the shadows The owl’s piercing gaze through a haze … Continue reading Revelation

That Crucible

That crucible holding the celestial truth is untraceable  An unnatural haze and excruciating light create a screen of illusion Off course conversations have anchored here in shallow waters Lightning bolt creates serrated edges along the unrealised dreams There’s no consolation for the crying souls and closed leaves hold grief Night descends early after a cloudy view obfuscates the horizon Still, that crucible holds the secret … Continue reading That Crucible