Perceptions of a Performer

The roads have become smoother, but the journey has become more complicated compared to the past. One does not feel like a traveller anymore, but more of a compulsive being who moves ahead; these days, the roads disappear more frequently, new ones appear rather hastily, and one has to adjust the rhythm of the steps like a professional novice trying to be an expert. Somehow, … Continue reading Perceptions of a Performer


The graininess in this reality is quite irritating  Eyes cannot adjust to the reflected abrasive images Projections of the future indicate a distressing predilection The manner in which everything will be swayed Towards the ill-advised path laid down on obscure lands Serious contemplations on the mistakes  They yield nothing but shadow the mind So much at stake, yet, the heart flickers with hope Compounding the … Continue reading Graininess

Uneasy Confluence

The evenings aren’t content, yesterday, and today too In between, the day plunged due to the diurnal routine Darkness grumbles about the spaces being ceded casually There is no one to allay the fears that gather courage Turbulent shadows hum the sinister subliminal tune Fumes the nature of change- horizon blazes ominously The paths are unsure and life chases across dim alleys Built on so … Continue reading Uneasy Confluence


The restrained grey waves crawl towards the oceanic blue Eyes gaze for hours to determine the patterns across a confluence Frankly, the winds have stopped somewhere to playfully steer them It’s not gloominess, but the unhurried moments require patience Time feels like a sedative that numbs the senses to feel that eternity Observe keenly, the shapes advance or magically alter their form As if this … Continue reading Ever-Changing

All about Perception

You can either meekly read out the words that are imposing condescending standards or take that pen to infuse revolutionary and evolutionary standards by transforming the words to daring messengers. How many times reading has to be of self-pity and unnecessary victimization due to an erroneous representation of life? Pages after pages, volumes after volumes of prose, poetry, and fiction pile up to erect a … Continue reading All about Perception

How far Creativity can Journey

Creativity is a journey where you will be questioned about the intentions. When you create something, especially a story from your imaginations, you have to be convinced about your ability to conceive every aspect of an idea. An idea is just the beginning, maybe a point; a pulsating core, from which you radiate across the spectrum of creativity. Are you really writing what you genuinely … Continue reading How far Creativity can Journey

The Idle Realisation

What do we have to offer to the skies other than the whirlpool of dust kicked off from the daily turmoil of humanity Invoking the inimical forces to transform the elements into some lethal stream surging towards the tranquil skies When pastures are razed and mountains blown off to clear away the natural patterns of the universe  Flocking ignorance march towards the clumsy labyrinth devised … Continue reading The Idle Realisation


When you look out but does little to transform your outlook Dormant looks barely speak with the changing environment  Some particles won’t metamorphose or dance with the change With enthusiasm and life’s energy to nourish it out of boredom Stringent perspectives won’t disentangle to allow breathing Looking isn’t enough when the inner voice is unheard Estranged from the heart and mind, the outlook seems to … Continue reading Viewpoint