After a Goodbye

The evening breathes uneasily among the smog of uncertainty Effervescence of morning weakens with increasing harshness Crossed ideas are burdensome for the persistently busy mind Tender moments are rare as the world rushes in with complexities The Earth that believes in the sagacity of Universe cannot slumber After every caring word, the scornful sentiments grate the mind Calm voice of the morning is forgotten through … Continue reading After a Goodbye

‘Tis the Confusion

Contrary to the dreams, the wearied city stares askew Shrunken soul with muted response to the broken promises Evaporating innocence aren’t even held by the firmament Vanishing somewhere in the deep dark cosmic caverns While dancing to the tunes of the Fool’s songs There is that wave of rhythm drowning the senses Love is at war perennially while heart yearn for some reprieve Constant woes … Continue reading ‘Tis the Confusion


Unmindfully crossing the line that separated the different from indifference One who does not identify the similarities but chooses a dissimilar approach Pretending to be virtuous is a risky game played to deceive the unsuspicious souls Actors of the finest grade essaying the conniving character with conviction Inferior souls delirious from the intoxicating purpose to amass fortunes The consciousness surrendered while the heart and mind … Continue reading Unmindful