Jealousy is Tragic

The world does not have the liberty to be jealous yet, this is the most prevalent feeling that transforms the natural instincts of humanity. While being teased everyday and waylaid by myriad distractions, jealousy continues to diminish the true purpose. Even the slightest and hollowed ideas burn with jealousy! A dreary feeling pervades the environment. How can one breathe in this stifling time? Lack of … Continue reading Jealousy is Tragic

Crawling through Perceptions

Don’t crawl through distorted perceptions, for all, it may be a twisted, shape-shifting labyrinth, capable of squeezing out the life force mercilessly. From (un)truths are birthed numerous demons who gnaw the intellects. It is not a classical warning or some historical excerpt, but a reality of clarity to precisely read the characteristics of such perspectives. ~Amitav Continue reading Crawling through Perceptions

Set Free

The ‘I’ may be a lie; created from cajoled perceptions Some even pinned by others to shape according to their convenience Not as flexible as the spine but an irritatingly docile existence Interactions and interpretations in euphoric voices The plasticity and artificiality shapes the characteristics Everyday surrenders are irritating, but eventually one has to To liberate from this ‘I’ and breathe freedom is a positive … Continue reading Set Free


Even the earth has to cry foul  Indignations persistent and careless plunder Human transgressions cultivated Hoping for a yield of grand power Foolish squabbles and squalid languages Duplicity doubles the trauma Complain, complain, complain Feelings of helplessness and rage Look in the mirror, reflecting vile character Grubby hands grab morsels of distress Infuriates the lingering hunger Insatiable urge to outrage the flow of life ~Amitav Continue reading Foul


Wrath of a spurned heart  Inferno, Inferno, Inferno Crusts destabilise menacingly Hot ashes hide pulverised emotions The sizzling fury of revenge Decapitated reflections Yet, a victimised heart embers Destabilising existence Seared earth is a reality Nude valleys and ambitious deserts Evaporated water Melted mirrors Horrific reflections are captive In a spurned heart A battle rages on ~Amitav   Continue reading Wrath

Of Jealousy

Jealousy isn’t inspiring and does not blend with creativity Those wrinkles premature won’t be calmed easily once they appear Confusion arise from jealousy and unrepentant mingling of feelings Something created from pure innocence carries eloquence forever Oh! Those spirits pallor indicate the maladies and weaknesses Pain of jealousy is indifferent to medication of love and promises Once exuberant jealousy afflicts the heart and weakens creativity … Continue reading Of Jealousy