Overstretched Confidence

The philosophy of confidence can be stretched way too much over the permissible limit of consciousness. It happens often but we would not notice its effect/after effect after the incident has toppled over the limitations. Who sets those limits? We do- consciously or sub-consciously, we would like to stay within the confines of our knowledge or become a tad overzealous and topple over the bumpy … Continue reading Overstretched Confidence

Seeking an Identity

Is it difficult communicating with the nameless one Most of the time the seeking for a name, an identity becomes important A dwelling is not decorated with doors and windows alone The foundation, the homeliness, reflect from the welcome feelings Monasteries and places of worships are open to all Spirituality isn’t confined to the soul but held in the eternity’s soul Where everyone is nameless … Continue reading Seeking an Identity

Uneasy Patterns

Vibrant thought cannot merely compress their enthusiasm Through narrowness of an unaesthetic route of literal senselessness Trepidation while following the naivety of those strewn characterisation Masks, masked, and unmasked; stony glares from paradise lost Merriment of masquerading while advancing to besmirch the emotions Strangulating the last garden where philosophies could have blossomed What unfolds from misunderstanding their nature is ghastly At the backdrop of sleazy … Continue reading Uneasy Patterns

Thoughts Consequence

When thoughts are not ours to keep Cannot be abandoned either Without ruminating much over their fate Magnetism of reality transforms them into actions Not preferably preferable  But fatal optimism draws them out from hiding That train of thought leads towards incidents Cannot be figured out from their disguise From one place to another Which one is really trustworthy? Principles of tragedy contemplate Characteristic of … Continue reading Thoughts Consequence


Slaying those feeling out of hatred from ignorance Incapable of climbing the ladder and reaching for remote feelings Cradling the emotions of truth, waiting to be discovered In every crevice and depth they hibernate, waiting for the curious eyes  To find and befriend them without threatening their existence Unfortunate, so many feelings becoming rare from unrefined behaviour Inciting jealousy and vulgarity to wreck the sanctity of … Continue reading Miserable


When you look out but does little to transform your outlook Dormant looks barely speak with the changing environment  Some particles won’t metamorphose or dance with the change With enthusiasm and life’s energy to nourish it out of boredom Stringent perspectives won’t disentangle to allow breathing Looking isn’t enough when the inner voice is unheard Estranged from the heart and mind, the outlook seems to … Continue reading Viewpoint


When the mind isn’t bored with selfish staring at the reflection There aren’t any avenues to explore other than the mind can control Looking deep, and then, deeper into the soul which is wrapped in ennui Sunken eyes and repetitive heart recites the same old rhymes Phenomenon of persecuting those who are not interested in listening An uncontrollable mind tries to control the thoughts of … Continue reading Stare

Beautiful Distortions

Afraid of being called judgemental, the judgements accumulate in some corner of the mind Is the reflection too frail, for it cannot sustain the scrutiny and probing questions Or elusive and wants to slither away into an illusionary world where every reflection is more than transient Nebulous ideas are real compared to the clarity, and their sharpness cuts deeper and takes time to heal Elusive … Continue reading Beautiful Distortions


They float around to compel Thoughts are too lethal To cut through the trickery Oppressively made dull While those eyes glance Afraid of anyone interfering Pushed towards confines Mala fide treatment Strange idea of inclusiveness Socketed ideologies Deprived of light and air Malodorous intent Attacks the senses Afflicted mannerisms Only a passive existence  Uttering in unison Blunt thoughts propagated From head to foot Arrested in deception … Continue reading Influences