The Drama

Relentless drama trickle with emotions of ulterior motives Characters play out after convoluted exchange of dialogues Romancing the tragedies and creating realities at will Elucidating the occurrences and cloaking them with excuses Pride of lies light up the stage to dazzle those captive audiences It’s eloquence and  daredevilry adding dimension to superficiality A bold drama sans creativity cannot fool the audience for long ~Amitav Continue reading The Drama

True Dimensions

Propagating untruths and fear and asking a favour of love in return Is a devious idea of acquiring sympathy from the truthful and virtuous The dimensions of lies are aberrations from which perceptions suffer In obscurity of darkened world moving dangerously through narrow labyrinths Death of subliminal feelings revive the murky ones; they thrive in vile environs Discriminating evil is essential to save the sanctity … Continue reading True Dimensions


Undecided eyes betray the sweet lies that sweeten the tongue Deep into the world through intense light probe the untold beliefs A vague alliance with the outside world conspires here Appearances wear off and there’s emergence of delusional language Egresses from a trance, there are plenty of voices of vices An entranced world devoted to the echoes that pounce on rugged walls An uncomfortable truth, … Continue reading Vacant

Contrasting Stories

The contradictions stood there for a while; huddled around the mind, looking doubtfully at the confused mind. Chances are that most of them are stubborn enough to complicate life with their wily designs. Life stretched across different tributaries of thoughts branch out frantically. It creates a pattern of confusion to erase the unflinching characters- the contradictions. The tributaries flowing in reverse allow the inimical characters … Continue reading Contrasting Stories

Mask Reflections

The mask burdened with perceptions Of which, there are plenty It is tricky to change profiles selectively There is clarity of course When there is ambiguity in mannerisms Makeovers superficial, flaky characters Try to manipulate the entire narrative It is amateurish coordination Faces try to keep pace with machinations Numb heart locked within Faltering steps duel on slippery floors Reflections off oblique inclinations Bleak smile … Continue reading Mask Reflections

A Story Away from Reality

When given the freedom to imagine, the most difficult choice is to bravely take that challenge of allowing the mind to experience such ideas that may be too powerful and transformative. It’s a fateful moment, while accepting or rejecting the hour that itself begins with the mind being placed at the mercy of an unknown situation; a hypothetical time can be as real in this … Continue reading A Story Away from Reality


Distractions are inadequate and feeble attempts by society To compose a prelude, carrying dishonest promises While being attentive to them, moments are wasted In the daily pursuit of futile protocols of a correspondence That exposes the memorised prejudices at length Waiting for an interlude appears to be an enigmatic fate Spirited dialogues convey nothing but delusions A journey summarised too easily in frivolous conclusions Reciprocating … Continue reading Distractions


Rays irritated by sudden disruptions, plenty of unwanted labyrinths Running stealthily across unwanted structures with overpowering ego Fallen dreams are no more cradled and nurtured to provide succour Greedily absorbed or deflected off the heavily embellished facades Arrows crafted by arrogant craftsmen impair vision of life Hollow dreams have been provided with iron structures always stifle Every breath echoes with a lifeless sigh through the … Continue reading Rays

The Illustrations

The illustrations in the book were distorted Heavy graphite smudges reflected the darkness A mind that was not illumined with life Lines demarcated the field of comprehension Barren landscape where nature did not tread Stern looking faces demoralised the reader The pages felt heavy with prejudices An intellect without the nourishment of the Universe Deceptive narratives accompanied the illustrations Every character coerced to deliver verbal … Continue reading The Illustrations