Moments Lapse

A moments lapse widens the chasm Yes, the journey continues through naysayers’ claims Paths riven with a force vigorous and pernicious When contemplated nothing, choices become violent Pledging over the banality- time utters new diktats Walking across the reality; a rhythm of silent rampage Lusty eyes speak of the diabolical dreams Cosmic silence is a mysterious language to interpret Cryptic signs, designs other-worldly, appear faintly … Continue reading Moments Lapse


That feeling of being everywhere, but with a feeble relationship with the places There are conversations everywhere; none that can attract the soul to participate freely  Measured breath is exhausting for the traveller and sighs cloud the words like a veil Designs of yesteryear crowded with plans to create invisible chasms throughout As if the city arches back from the heavy embellishments thrust upon undesirably Stifled … Continue reading Design


Perceived to be pathless, the journey never began Momentary panic held back the heart that wished to be in that distant shade A particular day of melancholy and fractured prism displayed distortions Dormant fear woke up to warn the feet of fabricated peril Still there, the solitary heart gave up hope of bridging the chasm The humble abode lost significance under the cover of intense … Continue reading Pathless