The Idle Realisation

What do we have to offer to the skies other than the whirlpool of dust kicked off from the daily turmoil of humanity Invoking the inimical forces to transform the elements into some lethal stream surging towards the tranquil skies When pastures are razed and mountains blown off to clear away the natural patterns of the universe  Flocking ignorance march towards the clumsy labyrinth devised … Continue reading The Idle Realisation

When we aren’t Distracted

No one will be alright in a distracted world. There isn’t enough time to familiarize with the intrinsic thoughts and cater to the clear consciousness. One has to come out of that world to the many worlds that are ready to seize the inquisitive child. Such a frenzied world does not discriminate in distracting. Distractions are sold everywhere; easily available and the curious individual’s eyes … Continue reading When we aren’t Distracted

Some Fable

Some of the perceptions about Quixotic definitions are baseless antagonism Eyes perceive, but the mind is in a world of its own; not in sync with worldly ideologies Consciousness from the subconscious annihilates the common frivolous reasoning  Rebelling is designed in an attractive way to be presented as heroism World never tires of cliches but creates another new meaning from barren ideas Easily shepherded by … Continue reading Some Fable


There is a conscience, and it questions persistently Answering is a choice as it is to run away from it and steal a path  Fancy peeking into the minds and collecting those thoughts? Taking frantic notes and attaching dodgy meanings to create fantasies Many such aggrandized pieces seduced into silent resignation Fanfare and frolic; cavorting to the lascivious tunes Conscience witnesses the nonsense and has a … Continue reading Conscience

A Direction

Decide a trajectory, choose ideas that can propel a mind toward freedom Choices create paths; there’s little satisfaction walking on trampled paths Ravaged by excessive unsure steps decided by those who want to be followed Conformity becomes a choice by conditioning and coercive ideologies One moment of repentance pressure the heart to seek freedom from obsolescence Awakened mind seeks beyond the blue to find different … Continue reading A Direction

You Decide

Mobility isn’t agility; sounds contradictory, but if you think over it, it may be clearer. Everything is energy, and any movement requires you to spend it, to transfer you from one point to another. Even while you are thinking, you use certain amount of energy and the kind of thoughts matter too. Positive thoughts surround you with a sense of goodness and lessen the effect … Continue reading You Decide

Choices are Difficult

If it is jealousy toward wisdom, think again, to recalibrate the perception Unwind the tightly wound thoughts stifling the sincere breathing of a mind It is as much consciousness one is destined to experience who can be free From prejudices and visions through distorted prisms, the askew world One who knows willfully initiates a pristine flow of universe’s truth Surrender, if the inhibitions and fear … Continue reading Choices are Difficult

Choosing a Narrative

Faulty narratives tarnish the moment Heart keeps guessing, of what is to come before you  Ruptured relationships waiting to heal There are still feelings for life, in spite of such hatred That bridge of trust may appear unreliable Only hope for the feet to find some truthful ground It’s a future waiting to happen to those who believe Freedom from the clutches of vile perceptions … Continue reading Choosing a Narrative


Happiness escaped between the fingers Drifted away in anguish over uncertain emotions Sweet reminders and loving gestures neglected ‘Once upon a time…’ felt reassuring in fairy tales With ultimate disdain and of cradles fury There is that instinct to curse good moments Shameful passion burns incorrigibly That lamentation is weak in dealing with life Brewed unhappiness colour tears with anguish Lifeless course plots the journey … Continue reading Lamentations