On the Verge of Collapse

Just like old buildings, the thoughts develop cracks; it’s too early to call them dilapidated The foundations are still strong, but there’s pressure from the grouchy crowds to knock them down New fondness for the glistening ideas; although they seem to be flimsy, it enamours the fickle minds Clash of the old and new, but here it is more of a clumsy jostle for space … Continue reading On the Verge of Collapse

Studied Silence

Today it is a studied silence, not really sure of the sulking appearance at twilight hours Melancholy decided to be an accomplice to stir the already palpable restlessness Thoughts are like wolves loping on unsuspecting predators anticipating a feast Nature’s mechanisms seem to have rusted and thoughts have become obstinate cogs A workman has journeyed through the troubles and stumbled on the way home Here, … Continue reading Studied Silence

As Night Descends

As night descends in the windswept city There is a palpable discomfort in the air Uneasy, the soul resonates with the agony Silhouettes of few trees against the backdrop The branches, like the child’s raised arm In prayer, for reprieve from the stifled air City footsteps have uprooted their dynasty Dwellers, to and fro, across the city roads Rushing through the cityscape in a blur … Continue reading As Night Descends