Time is not Right

There is a predicament- when I think and take too long to speak, the essential time says, “goodbye” When I hurriedly pick up those bits and pieces of opinions and create a hasty narrative, it stays Even it is for a while, the ears are comfortable listening to something familiar Feeding the communications with deficient logic has been the mainstay for a while How they … Continue reading Time is not Right

In The Rush

While we do not condemn the rush, being pushed around unnecessarily Without permission to speak against the culture of inaccessible freedom There is a feeble definition of freedom that is being painted in a shameless gloss Is there any scope of narrating the desires like the peaceful storyteller Who can reflect on every possible sentiment that human existence could not articulate Much of the emphasis … Continue reading In The Rush

Eternal Lines

Believing in eternity is laborious Fear of nothingness and uncertainty Prefer to be fooled by time Going back and forth- time and again  Schooled meticulously To gloat over the perpetual busyness Errands with no purpose Lanes that creepily intrude on journey Cunningly loitering around   Losing possession of precious breath Inhaling the insipid lies  Fair comparison isn’t fair anymore  Weathering the clichés It’s an invasion of … Continue reading Eternal Lines