The Hostile Climate

Even the most prolific ones feel they should have said more! The silent repentance, the fumbling for words affects them too. What an affliction! There are times that coil up uncomfortably around the emotions and rarely allows them to articulate freely. It feels like desertification! Suddenly, the barren and harsh moments wither the emotions prematurely. The aperture of the eyes gives a silent treatment to … Continue reading The Hostile Climate


Nature’s composure is willingly perceived as leniency Stillness invites diabolic thoughts to pervade through peace Constant nature of ignoramus minds to confront and demolish Arrogance grazes the serenity and causes nature to bleed Exposing the insecure nature and manifestation of inner turmoil Universe observes and sends subtle hints to educate minds Busyness cloaks the heart with apathy and precarious pursuits We pay obeisance to accumulated … Continue reading Nature

A Future we do not want

Global warming is a reality, it’s happening and major changes are affecting climate, health, and overall condition of the Earth. Many who do not want to believe this negative phenomenon, is not mature enough to understand the implications it will have on the future generations. We have been extremely lackadaisical; on the other hand, we are always aggressive and when it concerns luxury and comfort … Continue reading A Future we do not want

Climate Change

The whole world is in a huddle to discuss the global climate situation and its impact on the environment and our life. Climate change is not a new phenomenon and there is historical evidence about major climate changes and their aftermath. Climate change is a natural phenomenon and will continue to occur. Let’s understand what climate is. The prevailing weather conditions of a region, such … Continue reading Climate Change