The Hostile Climate

Even the most prolific ones feel they should have said more! The silent repentance, the fumbling for words affects them too. What an affliction! There are times that coil up uncomfortably around the emotions and rarely allows them to articulate freely. It feels like desertification! Suddenly, the barren and harsh moments wither the emotions prematurely. The aperture of the eyes gives a silent treatment to … Continue reading The Hostile Climate

With Nature

Give nature a chance! For centuries, nature has been cradling and nurturing human civilizations. Civilizations have always lived off nature, be it- water, food, air, earth, vegetation, forests; we are always dependent on it. It never crosses our minds, that how long we can take nature for granted. Nature’s bounty is immense and future civilizations can also survive for many more centuries. Although we do … Continue reading With Nature