The Freedom to not Listen

If I were to speak of something unknown, would you try to stop me because it makes you nervous? It’s perhaps the usual feeling to be wary is such situations! That feeling of uneasiness paints a melancholic feature and the eyes become hauntingly gloomy. Looking at them is saddening, but there is no way I can walk back and change the course to return with … Continue reading The Freedom to not Listen

Towards Unsure Future

All the moderations could not balance nature well Lengthy discussions, abrupt decisions, pushed it towards a bias Inclination towards the other side of a mindless pursuit Thought to be careful leanings or unseen coercion  Perceived to be a rebellion, but it is a subliminal decision of panic Inhabitants tear away the dwellings who seek freedom There is no chance to return to that place to … Continue reading Towards Unsure Future


It takes time to erase the tawdriness from the stories Perceive each anecdotal piece from many other angles Sometimes, one has to work beyond time and even forgetting about it To make the stories perceptive for them to appeal to the senses Coarse edges smoothen from the constant friction with life There are certain advantages of taking a stand over the wilful coercions Before constructing … Continue reading Trepidations

Too Soon

A fresh day ripens too soon Just the mornings set the tone An unnatural chemistry Listen carefully, To the confessions Forgotten names Deliberate numbers Calculate the worthiness Automobile noises Screaming billboards That’s called articulation! So innovative, The designs and creativity To paint the town Frantic movements Crisscrossing the streets Look at the pattern Titles are frivolous Among coerced narratives Voice of masses Trying to speak … Continue reading Too Soon


Sky weighs upon the thoughts that have not matured enough Hiding under the flimsy umbrella isn’t going to allow much relief Thick clouds embolden the open space in exerting pressure Weak knees unable to bear the undeniable challenges   Silhouettes quiver throughout the nervous moments that prevails Not enough teeth for the roots to chew off unnecessary offshoots Accumulation of negativity does not allow life … Continue reading Burdensome

Cynicism or Optimism- A Fine Balance

Voices are being raised against ‘optimism’ and ‘positivity. There are certain sections of the society who have become delusional and question the veracity of being optimistic. I have no idea about their experiences and their thought processes which prompts them to question the positive tenets of life. Although it is true that one cannot be positive and optimistic in every situation in life, but one … Continue reading Cynicism or Optimism- A Fine Balance