Dislike for nature’s colour  Every season has a reason All life reflect their soul Colour’s never indecent Universes’ consciousness Yet, there’s preference Eyes discriminate them Does the soul too? Inclinations aren’t natural Colour is beautiful Life’s eternal clues in hues Glass prisms and kaleidoscope Distorts the spectrum Unaware of the soul of colours Life’s existence is vibrant Even darkness’s theme is magic Esoteric colours flow … Continue reading Colours

Night’s Innocence

Eyes dazzle at the first hint of twilight For dreams can be welcomed to settle Between blinks glint of hope is visible Vermilion sky scatters and celebrates Sun mellows and prepares to reminisce Flaming extravaganza enthralls the soul Resplendent orchestra of colorful rhythm Dreams are prepared to express freely Cosmic crescendo and spiritual fervor Waves of dreams reflect through layers Magical colors through divine spectrum Light of … Continue reading Night’s Innocence

Speckled Stones

Gathering of speckled stones Some perfectly shaped and round Others, oddly even but crafted by nature Not from the same family Yet, they cohesively create a crowd Unfamiliar designs and trapped signs Maybe the ancient signs Communicating in a sign language unknown Speckled stones reflect brightness Looks unyielding, but may have soft hearts Years of diligent tutoring by nature Shaped their present demeanour None would know … Continue reading Speckled Stones

Let the Mind Wander

Let the mind wander freely It will thank you for the freedom Across wildernesses, to conjure ideas Imaginations can fly to fancy places Not a dull moment  While seeking new adventures A caged mind is prone to melancholy Betraying emotions can cause upheaval Mind seeks pleasure Roaming the firmament at will Exchanging furtive glances with birds Freedom of the mind makes seasons colorful Even winters … Continue reading Let the Mind Wander