Written By Time

Time’s calligraphy etched across the skin After brushing off the inherited innocence Is time playing a game with the mind? A ploy to hasten life across indecisive streets Perceived to be a two-way journey Cryptic decorations narrate a contrary story Often busy to read the subtle hints Without caring to open the subliminal repository Significant things become trivial  Outgrowing and wanting to feel the liberation … Continue reading Written By Time

On Deserted Land

When Life becomes a corporate misjudgment All the false notions incorporated in the essence Body and soul experience a rift of a  lifetime Exchange of incoherent meanings widens the chasm Duality of Life is exponentially highlighted to the world When the regular consciousness becomes influenced Even shadows conflict, narrating the distress within Concoction of lies creates an unsavory potion of Life Describing humans as an antithesis … Continue reading On Deserted Land

Dystopian Desires

In the consciousness of a transient phase There is an urge to give in to the Faustian bargain The feeling of momentary gratification and triumph Burning desire to claim the throne of power A sanctimonious attitude to create an aura of invincibility With fleeting desires, hoping to rule for eternity The cosmic power comes in admonishment of the soul The raging fire of desire completely … Continue reading Dystopian Desires

The Vessel

Every day, unmindfully filling the vessel Gathering what seems right for the soul Few things needless and fill the space with woes Where we tread determines what we gather Gathering negativity will scar the vessel walls Making it weak and vulnerable to cracks For positive things may seep out quietly to escape The vessel, filled with undesirable things Transforms into a useless piece of artifact … Continue reading The Vessel