I Still Have That Doubt

Yes, I agree, there is not much space for silence Often, I have to let go of that tranquil moment Trading appropriate words; prices are too high They feel uncomfortable due to the rushed deal Unaware of my thoughts, whether they can adapt To the new kind of stresses and aimless flow Of my temperament and idiosyncrasies I had to sacrifice silence to acquire the … Continue reading I Still Have That Doubt

Indications of Change

It’s that time of the year when nights start behaving little oddly There’s that sharpness in the air suddenly unsettling lazy thoughts Wishing to watch the stars little longer and speak monotonously No one is listening anyways other than the subtle life that breathes Should one rush to gather all the thoughts that wander leisurely? Saving them from the cold before they feel uneasy for … Continue reading Indications of Change

Confessions and Night

Preferably leaning back, to view the darkness peacefully There’s a voice which says, ‘Don’t be too comfortable’ Those stars are alluring; I wish to converse before they die Wishing upon them is a chance when eyes are distracted Stretch of soft moonlight is inviting to the tired body Before sleep buoys me toward another dimension A cat mews intriguingly; probably invoking the night Mine are … Continue reading Confessions and Night

A Ploy

It’s a ploy of the night to seek out solitary souls When wandering by the day has not been pleasant A gentle nudge by the moon to initiate a dialogue Rejected by the busyness, it’s time to talk passionately Transformation of dark carves a comforting abode Walking aimlessly through passage of eternity Secrets to be shared enthusiastically with stars While some may disintegrate into nothingness … Continue reading A Ploy

Uneasy Moments

It is impossible to touch comfort when heart races towards chaos Illusions float through a realm of thinly veiled reality So many doors were promised to be open, but now insensitive to prayers From the traveller who wishes to rest for a while A disoriented flight towards burning desires lit up by demonic glare A trap! The uncontrollable flames storms to engulf emotions Uncomfortable silence … Continue reading Uneasy Moments