Mere pawns between the collision of time, the constant side-effects, persistent lethargy Low-cost extravagance, the inferior, the magnified complexes on a highly reflective and reactive mirror There is no bonhomie, jealousy, the degrees of it, sets apart personalities- the inner demons reveal the aberrations Accepting the distortions of a truth loyally has had a long lasting impressions of vigorous contradictions Stubbing out the latent rage, … Continue reading Entropy

‘Tis the Confusion

Contrary to the dreams, the wearied city stares askew Shrunken soul with muted response to the broken promises Evaporating innocence aren’t even held by the firmament Vanishing somewhere in the deep dark cosmic caverns While dancing to the tunes of the Fool’s songs There is that wave of rhythm drowning the senses Love is at war perennially while heart yearn for some reprieve Constant woes … Continue reading ‘Tis the Confusion


Doors with blank stares and contrived promises to keep away strangers Surreptitiously communicate their travails throughout the busy days Strangers with unrecognisable faces look through them with revulsion Intrusive beings do not care about the symbolism of privacy Yet, they extravagantly draw an ambitious imagery from arrogant thoughts Leasing out to ridiculous minds that can articulate lies with conviction Occupying the spaces with disdain and … Continue reading Doors

A Feeling and Commotion

When we do not comprehend a feeling We become obsessed with it and scrutinize Mere superficial curiosity translates to various definitions On the stilts of words a feeling called love travels Navigates through treacherous terrains of complexities A pure feeling is jolted to the core across tumultuous journey None realizes love beyond the physical Till then the commotion with the feeling will persist Love has lost … Continue reading A Feeling and Commotion