A Fallacy

It is fallacious to think that character is for a masque display Express wonder and applause at all the dialogues and monologues Entertain various interpretations of the masks of each character Distractions of potent illusions and their rehearsed spontaneity Filled with strangeness, the stage is ignited with a tempestuous feel A forced tragedy fortify the plot with numerous ways of deceit What is so rich … Continue reading A Fallacy

If that is Poetry

One does not assemble a verse Are they just instinctive flow of words? Eyes hide behind assumptions Interpretations are awry Understand, but do well to stop There’s surprise Anonymity Obscurity Surreality Eternity (depends) How tenacious are they? Those emotions Implied narratives Do not lament If words are surprising (Known as vocabulary) Dig deeper Lose the mind in a labyrinth The chaos is dramatic Sweat it … Continue reading If that is Poetry