Lost Somewhere

Travelling through the underground channels Unaware of another world that walks over our head As if two worlds have been separated Vacant stares and sometimes scanning the unknown faces Feels like a journey to an unknown destination Even the lights are not enough; here the darkness guides Speed shaves off from that illusionary time But there are no extra moments at the end of the … Continue reading Lost Somewhere

Rejecting Creativity

It is incredible, and in fact, magical that creativity is not disheartened by rejections so easily. The true essence of creativity finds its way, despite the vanishing channels. One has to channelise the inner resilience and creative passion to rise above temporary misunderstandings (it may not be entirely correct to assume that creativity will communicate with the right audience) and skillfully find the course it … Continue reading Rejecting Creativity

If that is Poetry

One does not assemble a verse Are they just instinctive flow of words? Eyes hide behind assumptions Interpretations are awry Understand, but do well to stop There’s surprise Anonymity Obscurity Surreality Eternity (depends) How tenacious are they? Those emotions Implied narratives Do not lament If words are surprising (Known as vocabulary) Dig deeper Lose the mind in a labyrinth The chaos is dramatic Sweat it … Continue reading If that is Poetry

Endless Digressions

It’s the convoluted mind that provides impetus to distort a language All that is assumed in the brief time to transform all that knowledge  The expanse of intellectualism seems to appear grey, coagulated visions Mystifies the simpler notions of communicating with soul of life Coquettish behaviour fiddles with ideas and honestly entangles them Warped feelings emanate from debauched literature penned without caution Visuals are allowed to … Continue reading Endless Digressions

Waiting for a Response

Who shall give a befitting reply to the liabilities? Questions accumulate; kept aside in a heap of added burdens Every day a new resolution to address the pestering concerns Amplifications of those pursuits so alluringly keep the soul busy Life cannot be enclosed within the quotation marks Embellished speeches rarely justify the depth of life Grandiloquent gestures along with eloquent cunningness Deviate life’s real narrative … Continue reading Waiting for a Response

Our Knowledge and Beyond

Some experiences cannot be articulated by language The senses are not satiated because of our inability We are yet to comprehend the power of our senses Impoverished by our limitations of distracted minds Our inability to go beyond and elucidate with clarity As we exchange knowledge between consciousness Leaving the subliminal messages to dissolve with time The intellect is not sharp enough to eliminate limitations Waning … Continue reading Our Knowledge and Beyond

Reasons to Lament

We find many reasons to lament Trekking through the uphill terrains The path of life strewn with challenges Having lost the custody of original compass Navigating blindly without a direction Scattering here and there, in every direction Our thoughts running the wild course Fallacies are magnified exponentially Dilapidated walls engulfed with overgrown moss Breathing the dampness of unenlightened thoughts Words bent from the manipulated twists … Continue reading Reasons to Lament

An Enigma

The more you strive to accumulate They dissipate into an unknown abyss Leaving you dissatisfied and inadequate You cannot embrace an eternal enigma Trying to force a meaning to your perplexity We have known this to be an enigma Not even an iota of idea about the expanse You have to delve deeper to unravel the mystery Or else, just a journey through a sea … Continue reading An Enigma

The Cauldron

The cauldron full of negative potion Raging fire beneath brings it to a boil Toxic fumes incapacitate the consciousness In the haze of insecurity and turmoil Obfuscating the breath of fresh air The original roots are withering away As the strong potion of negativity flows deep Vitiating the very source of life’s origins Weaknesses and fault lines are visible Life is left vulnerable from the … Continue reading The Cauldron

The Messages of Life

When the heavens conspire To disseminate subliminal messages Through the realm of unknown intelligence Mostly they dissipate into an abyss of chaos Few minds are conscious of the messages Revealing the mystical chapters of life Chronicled in papyrus and stored in secret libraries Nature holds the key to the unknown corridors Leading down the labyrinth of ancient knowledge Even mountains and caves speak a surreal … Continue reading The Messages of Life