The Wandering Day

The day wanders away aimlessly As if being warned by the stern eyes of an angry world Eternity is boundless and wouldn’t care much Unconfined feelings survive the indifference That unknown uncertainty deluge the masses Misdirected, delirious, and exhausted Angered by the dawn of another day of struggle Inability to persevere with the hastiness Yet, the mind and body is drawn without consent Who blames … Continue reading The Wandering Day

A Conclusion

Pushed to a corner while hastening pointlessly Constricted between an uncomfortable angle Without a sense of purpose  Or, deliberately trying to elude the responsibility Name you may, according to consciousness None of the definitions will justify ignorance Threatened by surging waves of arrogance Applauded for plotting an inevitable mayhem Protagonists disguised in an unenviable costume Ignominy perceived to be laurels Every moment the applauds drown … Continue reading A Conclusion


The aberration of perception Eclipsed by the reflection of a reflection Distorted by the created illusion Emanating from a concrete viewpoint Based on physical evidence and vision Glancing over the veneer of superficiality Creating a structure in the mind Over a foundation of acquired fallacy An abyss between reality and perception Coming to conclusion through naïve realism Negating the distortion of reflected awareness All objects … Continue reading Perception