The Awkwardness

The awkward silence, furtive glances, uneasy shifting, and contorted feelings “Once upon a time…” is a vague introduction, quite common for a fairytale Whose denouement is a contrived happy feeling- language-legerdemain A creative way of colouring the similarities in all ages, but there’s no jubilant triumph The continual disparity, depravity of few, like a chain that locks itself around the next episodes Temerity erupts from … Continue reading The Awkwardness

Decorated Reality

Images that appear in the decorated reality may seem to be naive The scenery surrounding the eyes enhances the credibility of an illusion You appear to be there with everyone; sitting here is solitude in another reality Juxtaposing the phantom beliefs at the insistence of the vortex of thoughts Reality slips away through the eyes; the mind and heart starts feeling empty Dawn has no … Continue reading Decorated Reality

A Passage

Mind may not ascend towards a sky that looks uncluttered Freedom is always a dream perceived through constricted worldly pursuits Mountains of expectations; oh, so unshakeable Moving them aside with determination and eternal prayers Is considered a pilgrimage for the soul- where dreams are crystal clear Levitating those thoughts through sheer power of existence The horizon is impressed and bows down to construct a bridge … Continue reading A Passage

Hymn of Life

Deeply rooted, entwined with the expansive ecosystem It gets the strength to stand upright and reach for the skies Even when darkness engulfs the boughs and leaves go to slumber At eventide, there is this greater significance to introspect in solitude Communicate with the roots to prevail through uncertain times Underground is invaded by profound travelers to seek knowledge Splitting the ground and fracturing rocks, paving … Continue reading Hymn of Life


Thoughts steer your actions and outline the avenues Envisages the blueprint of a place where you would dwell Why rush? Allow the mind to travel through the alleys Paths will cross and lead you to intersections quite often Not everything will go according to plan, but prepare anyways Interruptions and distractions, coercive voices will dominate Settle down and feel the armor of resilience protect you Introspect … Continue reading Plans

The Voices

Voices, sans feelings, are only insignificant sounds Difficult to comprehend the frequency and intent There’s ambiguity and does not appeal to the ears Voices without any purpose, vanish without a trace Try to modulate the utterances and emphasize on feelings Consult the mind, heart, and soul for some inspiration Allow voices to be more dynamic for it can awaken a mind And prompts the senses … Continue reading The Voices

The Robe

Everyone is attired in a robe; intrinsically woven with the threads of nature. Once, wound in the spool, the threads are interwoven with secret messages of life. It is perfectly measured, according to the requirement of a lifetime and to preserve the sanctity of Divine grace. It does not have the unnatural ostentation or embellished with various artificially mined superlatives, to give a new identity … Continue reading The Robe

Divine Happiness

The feral spirit wants to triumph An inherent fortitude to free itself  Walking over prejudices Evoking the winds to a new drift A festal atmosphere to revel United with light to create a legacy Illuminating gloomy landscapes Sing along with universe’s choral song Set freedom to inspire many souls Add colors to the kaleidoscopic vistas Brighten the paradise with divine happiness© Continue reading Divine Happiness