The door wooden, with sullen look Guarding the insipid dreams and spiritless life Eyes, oblivious to the light that brightens new day Frosted windows reminiscent of repentant breath  Feeble fingers draw patterns to peek at the world When the race has depleted the vitality of life Inspiring negative energy to afflict the aura When it’s always about the ‘I’ but in comparison Loss of identity … Continue reading Confines


When transformations have gone wrong Highlighting the secret efforts of twilight zone Ruination has coerced the souls to quieten Day’s smiles and evening grandeur are feigned Gated entry to world of boundaries There is no freedom for the trees, birds, and winds Once verdant valleys look misshapen Uninformed sculptors destroyed the natural essence Reconciliation with the unnatural world Aesthetics is a long forgotten philosophy Breathing forcefully within the confines … Continue reading Transformation

Denials and More

Naive it is to believe the fleeting presence Hurt the soul with unnecessary rebelliousness Without a cause and any direction to move ahead Stuck within the confines of relentless social mores Defeatist causes and dysfunctional communications World has come to a passé due to misinterpretations The ways of the life and the basic tenets are disregarded Institutionalizations of thoughts have coerced the mind Confined the … Continue reading Denials and More