Courageous Misdirection

The courageous conformity, voluminous misconceptions run after them, like a lasso trying to control the game Either everyone adheres or coerced into a twist where thoughts take a convoluted shape The audacious performances of fake seriousness, with a sophisticated script dramatically unfolded A misdirection, a vehement push to control the psyche; each and everyone through trained institutions Depreciated thoughts, usually they facilitate the mediocrity to … Continue reading Courageous Misdirection


Paroxysms translate the restlessness, and peace is not pleasurable Painful it may occur, but there are numerous instances of broken promises Deliberate actions contrary to the soft-spoken assurances, but lies evolve Again and again, because furious feelings are unsettling, extremely melancholic Manic winds pass through the wretched and wrecked environments Lifeless, harsh, and devastatingly greedy to demolish the scarce abundance Depleted landscapes, brittle trees, poisoned … Continue reading Deprived

Altered Course

What if night altered its course and morning is never of the same temper? Tired of the squabbles and vacuous dialogues, they change their focus elsewhere Ignoble thoughts cloud days forever and lack of communication further dissolves dialogues Fate is caused by the choices that are contrary to nature’s distinct course through a universe  Contemptuous diversions and exclusions are cunningly planned by inimical forces Of … Continue reading Altered Course


When strangers meet and still wish to continue with the anonymity Cold stares and unwilling vibes freeze the moment with passive animosity Insults inscribed in the air float across, disregarding all usual courtesy Travelling through distortions, the irritating narratives wound themselves like barbed wires Stinging the hands that touch them unknowingly; like a hydra, they awaken with many vicious faces Without transformation, the spaces remain … Continue reading Strangers


Cities are transforming into islands Creating unique identities and micro cultures Drifting away and trying to form archipelagos But, that emotional essence of original culture flows silently Manicured landscapes and modern designs paved way for life Everything executed clinically after improvising grotesquely  Most of the structures and sentiments are incongruous with life Those little gaps between islands look like mere slits from aerial view Yet, on closer look, … Continue reading Adrift

Turning Away

When you turn away, do you have time to collect every little memory In haste, a swivel changes the direction of focus that once meant the world An obsidian space transformed into an undulating terrain of suffering Unprepared heart afflicted by the unnatural turn of events Fate changes in seconds, tremulous feelings weaken the foundation Opposing gazes express the vitiated relationship with a clarion call Ousted from … Continue reading Turning Away