Deciphering Mysterious Nights

When I have stared longer, competing with the stubborn deliberation of the night The night sky becomes becomes more mysterious, even grumbling about the lone spectator I am not trying to pick out the flaws or elatedly appreciate the cryptic exchanges All that this, silence cares to embrace me in a non-judgmental way, turning me into a stoic Like altering my beliefs during the somber … Continue reading Deciphering Mysterious Nights

The Narrative

I could be the insignificant narrator Settled somewhere with unsettled thoughts- a constant tussle but not really a hassle But the dimensions open up like a splendid Lotus  Only to be visible and relevant for few hours, before another reality presents itself So much to consider before soaking the words in mellifluous reality Witness the charismatic transformation with each passing moment Communicating with eternity’s spectacle … Continue reading The Narrative

Realm of Silence

The soft touch of silence Waves in the tranquil feelings Deluging the parched soul Toward the magical realm Buoyed by the pure beliefs Soul flows with renewed life Ushering in the truth Closed eyes can view the universe Through many galaxies This soul travels Anecdotes of all experiences Now at the confluence of your being Once the realm of known is breached There are endless … Continue reading Realm of Silence

Meaning of Silence

Sometimes voices fall silent And words become alien May be your desire to express The compelling feelings Cannot be conveyed through words Sometimes silence can be deafening Urging the heart to reach out And knock on the silent world Or you can try listening cloesly And decipher the essence of silence Walk through the maze To find the hidden feelings They are true and willing … Continue reading Meaning of Silence