Above and Beyond the Walls

As many walls stood between territoriesOf foundations dug deeper than the misunderstandingMended, when they bent or broke, even been conquered throughVisions walled, dreams that never grew taller than the hatredEnthusiasm of masons, the firm resolve to protect mythsThose scaled by adventurous pacifists were pushed on the other side”You don’t belong”, unaware, that the roots have weakened the foundationSome portions scooped out, to watch a cinema … Continue reading Above and Beyond the Walls

Facets of Reality

Reality slants, tapers towards a fading horizonAlmost the truth, but not enough, it has troubled the conscienceThat space between contradictions, clashes of realityChased by rude awakenings and nights transmogrifyInto another dimensional glitch, embedded within dreams Prepared by the past, rushed into an amorphous presentHesitant future furtively glances at the hurried consciousnessDiscontent, amidst insinuations,slippery descent towards anonymity-Amitav Chowdhury Continue reading Facets of Reality