Choosing a Narrative

Faulty narratives tarnish the moment Heart keeps guessing, of what is to come before you  Ruptured relationships waiting to heal There are still feelings for life, in spite of such hatred That bridge of trust may appear unreliable Only hope for the feet to find some truthful ground It’s a future waiting to happen to those who believe Freedom from the clutches of vile perceptions … Continue reading Choosing a Narrative


Tremulous present seeks comfort in the past Even, wishes to conceive a favourable future Sudden whirl in the moment has wings in disarray Incessant blinking unable to erase the intense light Furtive looks aren’t convincing to the heart When the green landscape is just nervous bareness Gaze one may through the prism of hope The mystery of an unknown twist and misshapen time Is convincing, and … Continue reading Thereafter

Certain Realisations

Oh! Now you fiddle with the moments that you let go A realisation takes shape within; uncomforting and ghostly shadows That threatens to swallow the feeble reasoning Wipe off the beads of sweat, flick them with nonchalance Feel the wetness of troubles that seems too daunting at present Fingers rubbing against each other, trying to wipe off the nervousness Walking back towards the memories can … Continue reading Certain Realisations


Carrying the vain philosophies to measure a journey Ignoring the cryptic messages from Oracle’s of ancient worlds None wishes to resurrect the subliminal prophecies Life metamorphoses into mechanical voyage fueled by other desires Not so recent past heralds into the now to complicate a future Limited comprehension distances the soul further from blessed presence Fire, Water, Earth, and Ether haven’t lost the principles of Universe … Continue reading Insight

Subtle Demarcations

We aspire to trespass the subtle demarcations Etched over the canvas of life as cloned motifs Transgressions elevated to a notion of adventure Running away to prove superiority over own ilk Crowding over the myriad definitions of existence Trying to usurp an imaginary position of hegemony In hordes, the consciousness deviates from life Many stories have been woven with fabrications The inferences from them reflect weaknesses … Continue reading Subtle Demarcations

Incredulous Narratives

With a look of incredulity, the essence of beauty is sullied When radical sentiments strangle the minds into submission Fantasizing about the unchaste thoughts to become a reality Common sense becomes incommunicado allowing a free run Dual personalities coalesce and form an inseparable character Surpassing the postmodern narratives with grotesque schemes Channels of knowledge overflowing with sludge and debris Ideas are being sold and consumed, albeit … Continue reading Incredulous Narratives

The Choices

There are numerous instances of unkindly thrusts on life Genteel sentiments are pushed aside to allow raging desires Philosophy of more expectations without pleasure of patience Tempers soar with the ambition to devour the voices of sanity Choices resemble colonies of termites, waiting to damage consciousness It’s an odd predicament of fossilized minds and deep-rooted prejudices Inadvertent indulgences give birth to unwanted theories of existence Camouflaged feelings with … Continue reading The Choices

Modern Significance

The striking firmness of streets cuts across menacingly Designed to scamper through the fate of life and join the mainstream chaos Blocks arise from the depths of unknown foundations, creating an identity Sometimes named, otherwise given a special numerical and alphabetical symbols Streets are built to suffer from the daily trampling by numerous feet and automobiles Life that is also planned according to the level … Continue reading Modern Significance