What the Farce

We cannot seek a safe abode when we are on a mission to destroy the invaluable relationship with nature. While there is much rhetoric about its well-being, there are those belligerent enough to call every such effort to be a drivel. Remember, the adults are troublemakers; disrupting and destroying not only nature but the fragile ecosystem of life. We are bullying and trolling nature and … Continue reading What the Farce

Of Paradise

Why treat Earth as an alien land? Our darkest thoughts stifle the benevolent nature Without examining ourselves, incomprehensible we follow Efflux of negativity adulterates the source of Life Our vision tinted and askew fails to visualize its Soul Thoughts shrouded in perpetual doubt manifests purposelessness We never realize that happiness, a feeling, went adrift for long How do we dream of creating a humane goodwill? Not … Continue reading Of Paradise


Nature’s composure is willingly perceived as leniency Stillness invites diabolic thoughts to pervade through peace Constant nature of ignoramus minds to confront and demolish Arrogance grazes the serenity and causes nature to bleed Exposing the insecure nature and manifestation of inner turmoil Universe observes and sends subtle hints to educate minds Busyness cloaks the heart with apathy and precarious pursuits We pay obeisance to accumulated … Continue reading Nature