The Structures

Everything seems to be a barrier; the decorated architectures were never meant to blend, but a way to differentiate the present from past. The resilient structures are intricately embellished to narrate inspiring stories. The architecture of any age reflected duality with candid confessions and cryptic hieroglyphics inspired by the culture of that Period. Tremendous respect for space allowed the free voices to echo genuine concerns. … Continue reading The Structures

The Elevator

When you have replaced the steps with an elevator Creating a vertical freeway through concrete designs Elevator algorithms ensure smooth passage to modern spaces Modern efficiency to enable speedy passage to success Apartments in skyscrapers standing in steely attention  Plush interiors and designed interiors look inviting and boring Carpeted floorings do absorb the sentiments of distressed footsteps Rushing through every square-foot of designer labyrinths The … Continue reading The Elevator