There is a tendency to hold back Owing to the grand plans of future Trying to manipulate the past as well With rewritten dreams Yet, the overwritten scribbles resemble entwined troubles Mastery of rehearsed narrations, with a favourable plot Wisdom perceives the fate of such raconteur The braided words hesitantly slither Dreams of securing a future depends on today Reading the evolutionary process is only … Continue reading Absent-minded

Criticism and Pragmatic Approach

An excellent piece of writing, either inspires a reader or irritates them. It all depends on the perspectives and how one analyzes it.  ~Amitav The Etymology (Click the link) To understand how the artist felt, however, is not criticism; criticism is an investigation of what the work is good for. … Criticism … is a serious and public function; it shows the race assimilating the individual, … Continue reading Criticism and Pragmatic Approach

Power of Thoughts and Individuality

As an individual, although guided by the thoughts accepted by the masses, wants to create a unique identity, to distinguish the self. This can prove to be a paradox of existence. The popular thoughts tried for ages and accepted, to give some semblance to the life we are following and compels an individual to follow. They make you part of the society and less of a rebel. To … Continue reading Power of Thoughts and Individuality