Periodic Frenzy

Feelings of dizziness perpetually hover over the climate unreal When life seems to be full even if the heart feels the void become bigger Days stirrings bring the palpitations to a frenzy; feeds the poor soul Pollens of noxious flowers permeate the air with complicity Becoming forgetful is normal, for there are other worries to care about Embracing the frightening emotions- there is only an … Continue reading Periodic Frenzy

The Persistent Struggle

There are plenty of odd spaces filled with absurdities All that have assembled here reflected the discrepancies Modern times confined to the labels with outrageous price tags The tumultuous times brush against them to change them into rags Difficult, persistently concentrating on the battered narratives Lamenting at the difficulties of arriving at places with alternatives Ignorance wields immense power to diminish the commonsense Effortless adoption … Continue reading The Persistent Struggle

Life and Decisions

Would you like to confront the mirror of your thoughts? Debate with the myriad reflections of consciousness Imaginations create many situations, of defeats and triumphs Life’s realities prompt your senses to create a world Catharsis through various characterizations, absolving you  From the impact of so many memories that tormented a mind Dialogues of the alter-ego with a persona who guarded the memories It’s only a brave … Continue reading Life and Decisions


The rising clamor turns into louder chants Different voices speaking the same language Vocal chords stretched between wants and expectations Raising the pitch every day stressing on each syllable In the garb of same tone, a deafeningly cracked tonal quality Vociferous raptures and the ebb and flow of the hand waves Demands are many from the modern social order Waiting to create fissures in the … Continue reading Voices