Stroking the obstacles etched on the forehead Trying to familiarise with the lines and worries between them A vague journey with huddled fingers Shrinking thinking, while indolence grips the mind Swirling eyes narrate bewilderment; fingers clasped awkwardly A strange gathering of worries and a confused gaze Two distinctly different entities- life and worries; an odd mix It’s a journey of unawareness and surprises ~Amitav Continue reading Worries

Let that be the Course

Not sure, if my contemplations went on for too long Missed the youth to express myself with adequate sentiments Searching for the right words and times of sincere commitments Or, maybe the right moments never occurred that early Is it poetic justice for those times which tried to consume the soul With apparitions luring away the heart towards conclusions They were in cahoots while attempting … Continue reading Let that be the Course

New Reasoning

It takes a while before the mind can grasp morning’s contemplations Languorous eyes are teased by dancing lights of the East First calling of the soul attends to wake up the drowsy mind Gesticulating winds narrate an interesting story of the Earth Setting into motion a new journey that has been pondered upon Answering those questions when they wake up in earnest Senses reconcile with the … Continue reading New Reasoning


Murmurs encircle the bodies  Palms come closer in a bind Contemplations are within Stifled slowly in a friction Hoarse voices scuffle Soul embraces monster Cradled in the bosom Desires die within Rebellion of new lust Devours the bodies Loneliness is deviant For the uninitiated Murmurs buzz louder Lascivious senses arise Minds collide destructively Dreams die in arms Apparitions of life Ebullient demonic eyes  Rejoice the destruction … Continue reading Murmurs


Erase the reflection in the mirror Stop conversing with an ephemeral image Distanced by paradoxical narratives Yet, the reflection echoes something familiar Power of telekinesis create an illusion Both are realities- born from the inborn Every grain of consciousness regroups Engaged in visualising a replica So well defined for a perplexed vision Desire to traverse an unknown space To reach out to the simulation Can … Continue reading Image

An Island and Contemplation

Sitting here in this lonely island for long Surrounded by the caressing waves The wind from afar blows o’er the head Mother’s caring touch settling the disheveled hair A child, here, in the middle of an island Eyes as cold as the night looks at the distant shores He feels not lonely, but it is time for contemplation Wind being the messenger, from across the globe … Continue reading An Island and Contemplation

Without the Night

Without the night descending on Earth The world will lose its grandeur The glamour of the darkness Shimmers on the silent waters Each ripple unfolds the beauty Caressing the water’s edge with Love Reflecting the sickle-shaped Moon Cutting across the darkness with light The night holds secret contemplations For dreamers, poets, and wanderers The magic cloak of darkness reveals Myriad ideas in the guise of … Continue reading Without the Night