Jealousy is Tragic

The world does not have the liberty to be jealous yet, this is the most prevalent feeling that transforms the natural instincts of humanity. While being teased everyday and waylaid by myriad distractions, jealousy continues to diminish the true purpose. Even the slightest and hollowed ideas burn with jealousy! A dreary feeling pervades the environment. How can one breathe in this stifling time? Lack of … Continue reading Jealousy is Tragic


Still oblivious of the behaviour ridiculing the universe Volumes of chronicles are read but rarely comprehended Does travesty transform and pen narratives in a new language? Contemptuous descriptions of life are not erased easily Gets entwined with the secret code that gives birth to time The potency of lethal doses from vicious serpentine entity Prophecy sharpen the fangs to inflict a lethal bite with vengeance … Continue reading Uncompromising


Unsettling thoughts consume the mind  Begins with submission to follow or a choice to be alone Weaknesses rattle the constitution Sleight of minds permeates contemptuous sentiments Unjust beliefs weigh on minds  Death of consciousness wipes away the true purpose Betrayed feelings retreat to an oblivious space Emerges the lifecycle of repentance and melancholic feelings Tears do not have the force to wash away fears One … Continue reading Disregard