6 ways to Blog Effectively

1. Purpose It is important that you clearly mention the purpose of your blog. A blog without a clearly defined purpose or the one that has too many random topics can make the blog appear unorganised. 2. Reading Reading will help you with new ideas for your blog. It is often while reading that you will come across something interesting to write about in your … Continue reading 6 ways to Blog Effectively

8 Blog Commenting Mistakes to Avoid

In 2016 I shared Practical Guide to Blog Commenting and the post has generated a lot of responses till now. While commenting on a blog we have a responsibility as a reader, follower, and blogger. Commenting is like starting a conversation, and it can either be a successful one or a failure. Here are a few more points to keep in mind while commenting on blogs- … Continue reading 8 Blog Commenting Mistakes to Avoid

Why Blogs Fail

I find that many blogs are abandoned due to various reasons. Started with much enthusiasm, as blogging is becoming popular, the truth is that almost 54% of bloggers lose interest in taking the blog forward. Let’s face it, blogging is quite challenging! Starting a blog is relatively easier, but to keep the momentum and passion alive to actively network with people is challenging. Some of … Continue reading Why Blogs Fail

The Future of Blogging

The digital world is gravitating towards an unknown future. With so many blogs on various platforms, there is no dearth of content, but there is more pouring in every second. Not only written, but the emergence of vlogs are also becoming popular on YouTube. This is how blogs are transforming, and taking a course of popularity with such innovations. Earlier blogs had readers, now they … Continue reading The Future of Blogging

Success of Content Marketing

The success of Content marketing relies on quality content. It is not just about creating content in bulk to create a repository, and distributing it later, through various platforms and channels. You cannot keep on creating content and ignore the aspect of a value proposition. This is exactly why you should have a proper Content marketing Strategy (see here). Content marketing is not about creating … Continue reading Success of Content Marketing

A Content Marketing Strategy

As an organization if you want to make your content marketing a resounding success then you must have a well-defined content marketing strategy. You will have walked an extra mile to develop a content marketing strategy which will help you to- Make your content marketing effort more effective Identify all perspectives and nuances of content marketing Create a sense of positivity in the effectiveness of … Continue reading A Content Marketing Strategy

Content Repurposing

What is Content Repurposing? Creating quality content for your content marketing campaigns requires meticulous effort. The team will have to go through extensive research to develop content that is in sync with your content marketing strategy. A robust content strategy is incomplete without good content. This is the reason that once these contents are created, it is necessary to get the maximum mileage from them. … Continue reading Content Repurposing

Brand and Content Marketing Strategy

No one can deny the importance of quality content. There is an upsurge in the number of brands that are vying for space and the customers’ attention. Every day new brands are being launched, in addition to the well-established ones that have already been in the market for a significant amount of time. With the digital space being the most preferred medium for exhibiting a … Continue reading Brand and Content Marketing Strategy