A Path

A curious day adorned with collage of events Only to be imprinted on the heart till night provides succour To reminisce and sift through the memorable images Retrace the course to live the few chosen moments Before mind branches out to wander the lonely wintry paths Those steps only to remain in oblivion of solitariness Soon, the reflections of life will readjust and rearrange the thoughts … Continue reading A Path


Through transparency, life yields its most profound thoughts When the azure blue transforms into a brilliant mirror, Divine dreams reflect Sudden murmurs wake up life and urge the soul to ardently listen Ripples of contentment dances across the clear streams Thrilled eyes look in contentment, passionately surrendering to the reflections Gentle wind metamorphoses the mind into a butterfly, fluttering with happiness In search of the … Continue reading Transparency


When silence is of ultimate contentment There is no need to search for those words Eyes narrate the feelings with equanimity Most eloquent communication in silence Satisfying and without the usual distortions Nourishment for the soul  Finally, there is no ambivalence  Without any burden to consider the halves But oneness and complete synchronisation Silence deserves an encore Sweet celebration in the harmonious world Wish for more … Continue reading Silence

Embrace of Universe

Life writhed out from the folds of time Alas! It’s been a tiring slumber with dissonant dreams Facing each day with a pallid appearance Hunger pangs of knowledge ridiculed the mind Late realization, but heart found the courage to escape Cavorting across the wilderness along with first light Seraphic apparitions smiled to celebrate new beginning Heavenly balm cleansed the remnants of time Comforting calmness narrated by … Continue reading Embrace of Universe

Pursuing Happiness

Why pursue happiness that comes at a cost? An exorbitant sacrifice to acquire a piece of happiness In exchange of the original wealth of wisdom Refurbish the mind with worldly affluence A piece of happiness! Designed, embellished, delivered Sparkles like the priceless cosmic stars Short-lived moments to accommodate everyone  Blissful way of life altered by wealthy possession Seeking happiness to pervade through life When the precious … Continue reading Pursuing Happiness


I prefer the devoted light of a simple lantern Dazzling lights with excessive brightness obfuscates vision Inspires dreams that are synthetic, induced by devious photons Dancing deliriously to change the patterns of thoughts Light of the lantern is more subtle and immerses calmly Sitting beside a lantern is meditative as its warmth has purity Walking with the lantern to the darkest part to illuminate gracefully There’s … Continue reading Lantern


Running away from the self, every landscape looks interesting Waiting eagerly to plan an itinerary to visit as many destinations To conquer the mountains and kiss the sweetest streams flowing Quench the parched desires and waiting to revive from the thrill  Planning every detail of the journey and abandon the camp abruptly  Attraction of the journey evokes the passion of becoming a traveler Exhilarating, sensational, and classical … Continue reading Travel