Ecstasy of silence and of being still Thrilling to the senses Discovering the secret languages Not loud, but profound World not disguised anymore Austerity shines brightly Symphony of eternity Happiness descends here Truly, and settles in the soul Silence is a unique composition For, who cares to listen Delicate notes have rhythm When worlds pulsate happily Birthed, a new realisation Stillness is candid and pure … Continue reading Continuity

Cosmic Truth and Life

Time gives a sinking feeling Space seems to be sulking for long Pondering over the legacy In the long era of defiance and neglect Deciding on the continuity Spirits have become demoralized Cosmic congregation will take a decision Once usurped by soulless travelers Universe will deliver a verdict Life will have a new meaning and path More conscious, to resonate with cosmic truth© Continue reading Cosmic Truth and Life