Trifling Moments

Tinkering with the consciousness Lies that have been backed by reasons Denying the enthralling seasons Approaching truth with cautiousness Worrying for the better part of youth About the decisiveness and control Unaware of the philosophies of truth On a hackneyed day, time does not roll Gurgling incessantly about the troubles Daily strife to win the competitive scuffles ~Amitav Continue reading Trifling Moments

Knowledge and Ignorance

Gain some knowledge on ignorance Knowledge is played upon to influence minds Tactically manipulated to stem the flow of thoughts In popular domain, some fabricated knowledge External reality is contrary to the actual reality within Ignorance can lead us down the perilous path Attempts to discourage the habit of rightful thinking Ignorance that we are not aware of is our weakness Unrestrained emotions are fueled … Continue reading Knowledge and Ignorance

The Existence

Obliterate the concept of time World will transform to a seamless existence Curious time peeks into the soul Making us aware of the differences Time is the concept which differentiates Even the senses are conditioned to think so Time potentially suppresses our eternal dreams Creating a world with myriad definitions All that life is, loses its relevance in demarcations Neither can we hold on to … Continue reading The Existence

Alien Existence

In the world of expectations An urge to fall back for support Trying to garner some identity Mirrors become faceless Lost identity cloaked with falsity The true world and belief Erodes with time and external definition Transforming the world With designs devised by others Lost identity and residue of hope Leaves the soul without a face Alien identity inflicts the core of existence Mind crumbles … Continue reading Alien Existence

Lust for Power

It’s not the power one wants The subtle satisfaction to control When life transforms as expected Deep-rooted subliminal lust for power To manipulate or force into submission Many ploys are devised to command There is always a dichotomy about life Fumbling, when one tries to comprehend Living off the extremes of views of power All born equal, till manipulations divide Many fault lines and deep … Continue reading Lust for Power