The Controversy and Curious Attraction

When common sense becomes controversial Looked upon by the collective with evil eyes Trial by silence first, then sharp eyes censure Truth seems to be moribund by the debauched When this can be replaced with that; confusion Prevails the sense of arrogance- a hasty end Language becomes corrupt, thoughts next Hypocrisy of showing off the fatal alternative Lure as many minds towards the cursed pond … Continue reading The Controversy and Curious Attraction

Stubborn Thoughts

Don’t labour your mind because of the intransigent thoughts around Fill the heart with remorse and paint the day with a melancholic colour Colonies of vermins may have hollowed the souvenirs of close sentiments Now the canvas has been lit up with obstinate lights igniting flaring designs Paths mired in most sinister controversies are strangulated remorselessly Travelling without the helpful thoughts is to journey in … Continue reading Stubborn Thoughts

Out of this Dream

If this is a dream without being asleep Reality that ceases to exist; is not true anymore Can’t be touched or felt, But inquired in imaginations Why is the body so tamed? Afraid to knock on the closed doors There’s fragility and palpitations Snatching away dreams that are available Unwilling to share; an unholy plot To monitor the thoughts Every possible mind plugged to a … Continue reading Out of this Dream