Thoughts Without Words

Falsely detained by the unscrupulous thoughts Such profanity towards freedom smothers the world Disdain and cynical eyes look at life jealously Pity for the imprudent adventures Dear love and love that loses itself in a giant void Words too many, unnecessarily stymie the emotions Sorrowful sentiments in a spherical conundrum Running of men towards the illusions Looking for truth in the fatal mirage ~Amitav Continue reading Thoughts Without Words

The Promise

The conundrum of a promise may shy away from divulging a truth Self-absorbed; from where thou pick those words to frame dialogues Magnanimous soul still likes to believe in mutable stories Every sentence tinged with condemnation- presages the fate of a relationship Self-deceiving, the heart likes to be surrounded by those assurances Details are overlooked by gullible eyes while constructing an inaccurate world An isolated … Continue reading The Promise


Unsettled thoughts move from here to there Looking to carve out a space to find some succour There’s sudden urgency to be away from the rush When it is a choice to find commonality  Iconoclastic ideas are considered unwanted obtrusions Being conspicuous among mundanity is a choice Fatigue has become a constant companion Trying to imbibe the accepted routines in behaviour Obtuse morality is a … Continue reading Decisions

The Puzzle

We are trying to solve a puzzle Where we do not have the relevant pieces Using our superficial imagination, not enough Multidimensional concepts blend into one It’s an intriguing predicament to determine reality Concepts and theories fail to determine the idea Our relation to the puzzle and the missing pieces Where everything seems linear, yet, there is a conundrum To determine the starting point and … Continue reading The Puzzle