Where Light Cannot Reach

Morning fails to reach all the corners of the room That of yesterday, and even earlier, been kept away from everyone Convenient corners are filled with those memories Latticed patters decorate them for some time and leave There is no scope for the morning language to initiate a conversation Those stories have a secret language and a special fragrance Accommodating them and even keeping them … Continue reading Where Light Cannot Reach

Of Literature

Literature is an effortless conversation about the most complicated feelings and thoughts. The more you delve into this world, initially, there will be a wonder, discomfort, and endless conversations (about doubts, accusations, counter-accusations, and more…). You cannot be prepared for the revelations of literature, but have to be brave enough to read them and comprehend. Everyone likes to choose a comfortable path to wander, but … Continue reading Of Literature

Contrasting Stories

The contradictions stood there for a while; huddled around the mind, looking doubtfully at the confused mind. Chances are that most of them are stubborn enough to complicate life with their wily designs. Life stretched across different tributaries of thoughts branch out frantically. It creates a pattern of confusion to erase the unflinching characters- the contradictions. The tributaries flowing in reverse allow the inimical characters … Continue reading Contrasting Stories

The Confusion

Does the mind discriminate shadows? Depending on the nature of light- natural or artificial Looking for imperfections in their appearances Blaming it on intensity and willingness to caress reality Our meanings of life are so many They are jostling for space and recognition Listening to each other- that may be debatable Brave enough to create controversies  Now that eyes have lost focus of the shadows It … Continue reading The Confusion


It is the whispers that stir the clam surfaces of emotions Initial quaver tries to reach the ground that settled to retire prematurely Calm flow contradicting the undercurrent of untold stories A temporary seclusion forced by the conscious drift through this reality Finding refuge in the derelict part of a forgotten territory Beggared soul still wishes for the simple opulence of truth Soft whispers echo the … Continue reading Whispers


Meagre night insufficiently covers the trembling thoughts Not comforting for the exposed skin to negotiate the darkness Restive head on the rigid pillow contemplates over tired knots Ostentatious illusions erased to reveal an esoteric starkness Drama that is scripted with hasty dialogues and twisted plots Negotiations that guarantee to elucidate the sparseness Dissatisfied ink flowing carelessly leave behind numerous blots Inconclusive communication wraps around like a harness … Continue reading Inconclusive

Silent Conversations

The wishes of silent mind considers an engaging dialogue Eclipsing every other distraction from voices unknown Lilting voice secures a space in the heart, feels like drops of philtre Neutralising the effects of acerbic languages of lamentable tongue Usual banter and complaining is a reflection of purposelessness Fortune is replenished by the faithful flow of silence This is a confluence of ecstatic awakening for peaceful slumbering© Continue reading Silent Conversations