Voices Different

Some voices are true Speaks fluently of life, full of positivity Reflecting the inner light Of courage that erases the grey From the other side of unspoken sentiments There are new realizations Maybe, the long pauses are meaningful To translate the tranquil Voice vibrant says, “Time to rejoice” Crafts the most beautiful conversations From near or afar Time is inessential Moments shine like cosmic stars … Continue reading Voices Different

The Dissonance

The chorus of discursive fragments pause little longer than expected Their unabashed lingering does not yield any powerful discourse Sifting among the strewn frustrate the eagerly seeking hands Only a handful of dust and crusts of incoherent meanings As if under a mysterious spell, the wayward wandering, fondness for veering off Yelling at the day won’t upset it, but the mind will feel agitated At … Continue reading The Dissonance

Brief Moments

Succinct conversations under the hurriedness of a day It’s difficult accommodating this change when so many stories remain unheard Distant memories become feeble; also, the language never gets a chance to metamorphose Souls walk away even before a sense of connection begin to develop Sour moments deteriorate the chances of a long-term communication Anxious words nibble at the tranquil feelings; leaving them tattered Yearning for … Continue reading Brief Moments

Some Communications

We are communicating (so we would like to believe) as there is an increasing pressure to speak and react to situations, which otherwise, we would not have participated in, if not for the connected world of virtual reality. There is apprehension that our own perceptions and private thoughts are overridden by a concerted effort of digital media narratives. The plethora of views invading our thinking … Continue reading Some Communications

Lost Trails

The lines end abruptly Sacrificed emotions smeared in burnt brown Words forced to be at the pyre Parched papers not succulent anymore Eyes have drifted to contemporary busyness A lacquered pen has lost its fierce creativity Fallen off the curled edges of agony Smouldering heart seeks solace in anonymity Vast verses will be composed Entire universe will be accommodated Walk between the lines  To discover … Continue reading Lost Trails

Silent Eyes

Silent eyes narrate the day’s monotony Tries to stretch and squint and catch glimpses of activity Alas! The crowd is chanting a boring hum Carrying numerous flawed inferences to design a pattern Trying to articulate a ho-hum speech  Incessant babel cascade from mindless conversations Day is perturbed listening to anxious souls Contrived smiles are stretched beyond limits, almost a caricature Silent eyes stops gazing through … Continue reading Silent Eyes


Some conversations are surreal The exchanges from our heart linger Every word sharpened with intellect Simple language spells clarity Collected realization of two recluse Conversations, out of world experience Or, includes the entire universe Where dimensions of knowledge meet Tow souls, away from the commotion Thoughts shared, from purest origin When the mind has conjured Divinity Conversation awakens the souls© Continue reading Conversations

Impact of Social Media

With the advent of Social media, digital platforms and other host of apps for our devices, the world feels connected. The question is, ‘Are we really connected?’ We are constantly updating the status on various social media platforms, waiting for ‘Likes’ and ‘Comments’, just to feel reassured, that our activities have not gone unnoticed from the world. There are times when hours go by without … Continue reading Impact of Social Media