When feelings are forced to travel through compromised helixes Sending subliminal coded messages to be a reclusive bon vivant   Crawling and maneuvering with ludicrous contortions of original ethos Incessant buzz of designed wings gives a sense of freedom  Compromised lives are breached by the parasitic ideas to feed on  Incapacitates the mind to blunt the effectiveness of neurons Appendages distort the symmetry of codes and flaws are … Continue reading Perplexing

Lust for Power

It’s not the power one wants The subtle satisfaction to control When life transforms as expected Deep-rooted subliminal lust for power To manipulate or force into submission Many ploys are devised to command There is always a dichotomy about life Fumbling, when one tries to comprehend Living off the extremes of views of power All born equal, till manipulations divide Many fault lines and deep … Continue reading Lust for Power