Of Empowerment

Empowerment is a word that sits enigmatically between the dictionary pages. The mystery surrounding this word (empowerment) and the continuous apathy of humanity towards building a positive culture have failed miserably. Weakness is a human trait; it becomes ferociously pronounced when it comes to presenting power to someone. Power is a sensitive word that is stifled in the clenched fists of a coward. Mention of … Continue reading Of Empowerment

On Deserted Land

When Life becomes a corporate misjudgment All the false notions incorporated in the essence Body and soul experience a rift of a  lifetime Exchange of incoherent meanings widens the chasm Duality of Life is exponentially highlighted to the world When the regular consciousness becomes influenced Even shadows conflict, narrating the distress within Concoction of lies creates an unsavory potion of Life Describing humans as an antithesis … Continue reading On Deserted Land

Mirrored Reality

Mirrors are the Window to the Soul And windows are Mirror to the world Every image A mere reflection Of our perception Reality may escape Lies entrapped Extra grandeur Adds to the sheen Colorful veneers The world’s underbelly Runs parallel With sinister stories Hidden by fabrications So many cover-ups Eyes blinded By the bright lights Pieces of paper Wields more power Compared to Human resilience … Continue reading Mirrored Reality