Tranquil Moments

A solitary dreamer’s unfailing adoration for the night Swooning moonlight eagerly waits for moment of admiration Tranquil skyglow creates a canopy of scintillating grandeur Precious time for the soul to worship beauty of cosmic luminescence Earthward bound is the stealthy steps of a mysterious messenger From the hallowed chambers reverberating with omniscient mantra Chants awaken the soul who has relinquished slumberous world Shimmering embrace of beauty … Continue reading Tranquil Moments


Beauty without a lie awakens the soul Enraptured, while seeking a pure mystery Leading the heart towards a blissful journey Eyes dream fair and brighten with love Harmony of the Universe follows the gait  Let the secrets dawn as hearts seek  Graceful beauty visits a slumberous fate A dream transforms into magical reality In silence the hearts express gaiety Be still and embrace the cosmic beauty An eternal … Continue reading Magical


Sky is the most beautiful canvas for paradise dwellers Changing its appearance according to the mood of a day Sometimes a blank canvas with azure stillness Dawn and dusk generously celebrate blazing brilliance This canvas exists with the memoirs of ancient folklores Many interpretations as this blank space evoke creativity Ideas take formations when looking at it with idleness Considered to be an eternal portal to … Continue reading Sky

Benevolent Night

The night does justice to the stars and meteors Providing the perfect backdrop for them to illuminate Night sky becomes gorgeous with magical extravaganza Only the brightest souls shine eternally during the night Exuberance waits with patience for the daylights to wane Night becomes the time for entire cosmic celebration Every shining light of nature reflects a euphoric soul Night dwellers sacrifice sleep to join … Continue reading Benevolent Night

The Changing Landscapes

When the trees have been sacrificed Bidding farewell to the ancient roots Severing the trunks to expose the concentric worlds For many secret cosmic codes were preserved Now lost forever to the greed before being deciphered The crown of foliage bestowed by Nature Worthy to chronicle the affairs of the landscapes Ecosystem of roots ran deep to an interconnected world Secret messages of life traveled far … Continue reading The Changing Landscapes

The Magic of Nature

Landscapes are adorned with melange of colors Displaying the deep-rooted sentiments of a region Yet, nature is interconnected subliminally Changing colors as seasons sprinkle magic Visible exuberance and benevolent spirit are blessings Dazzling the vision with intricate details Regenerating life with the blessing of Immortal mantra Adjusting to the ways of the Sun and the Moon Divine light penetrates the soul of each life to … Continue reading The Magic of Nature