Mystical Night

The faded black ink Creates a new pattern with every drop Swirling with languid elegance Filling every pore of the papyrus canvas Fading daylight evokes a mystical ambience Slowly walking away towards obscurity Firmament reflects an ethereal hue of poetic charm With rapid strokes of the paintbrush Creating a beautiful masterpiece of darkness The passionate intensity of the ink Orchestrate the perfect setting for the … Continue reading Mystical Night

The Wonder of the Night

The night’s still young A lazy elegance in the air Drifting feelings from a solitary heart Brief stillness welcomes the silence Releasing the effervescent notes from heart Humming nonchalantly in a trance Night sky is eternally a source of wonder Many souls watching over our paradise The sparkling smiles light up the night’s canopy Night becomes more intriguing Solitary soul wants to gaze beyond the … Continue reading The Wonder of the Night