On the deserted land, barren and shamed, hoping for the return of pulsation Ears on the ground sometimes, looking East, days collapse on the West’s tired cradle Hopeful of the night, fewer stars, a confused and tired soul wishes a clearer sky Dense consciousness, lonelier stillness, closed eyes and prayers in the heart Waiting to reconnect, retrace the paths forgotten over time, historical blunders Passages … Continue reading Pitter-patter

Meandering Ways

Happiness flowed when life was conceptualised   Simple existence blended ultimately in right proportion Before thoughts mutated into various uncontrollable entities Carrying some potent properties to weaken the immunity Exposing existence to the inclement world- unnatural lethargy Living became the alter-ego of existence  Frozen in an unknown world the ecosystem altered erratically The flow of life was interrupted with designed alterations In a state of trance, … Continue reading Meandering Ways