Languorous Day

Amidst a languorous day, the heart chooses to be in a fetal position Deep contemplations of the meditative body- though, mind has license to wander  Through prismatic vision; not an anomaly of focus, but flares of consciousness Divine wavelengths rush through the cosmic filter to fill the world with abundance In nature’s womb, visionary ideas are modified immaculately for beneficial future Intricate designs are modelled by … Continue reading Languorous Day

Shadow’s Embrace

The day flirts with the shadows Signs of tiredness, but the childish energy still palpable  Light slants and stretches languorously  Hoping to kiss the horizon before the Sun settles down mellow Tender moments and vibrancy of silence is felt within One who contemplates looking deep into the cosmic wonder Like a lover’s faithful hands the embrace is tranquil Finery of the ambience infuses positive aura … Continue reading Shadow’s Embrace

Intriguing Darkness

Darkness descends with an aura of mystery The edgy fingers want to feel the mystical appearance Does it leave a stain or vanish without a trace? Depends on the character and consistency A character of darkness? Intriguing to imagine the soul of such an event Does it feel grainy or smooth between the fingers? Visual symphony slowly mesmerises the senses Silhouettes sway with the rhythm of … Continue reading Intriguing Darkness

Stellar Moments

Why the shadow of sleep Celestial world wakes up now Firmament allows passage Eyes to seek beyond  Endangered realities still there Cloudless, stellar souls  Wishing to deliver the truth Dome of clarity Reflections alive with hope Let’s not paint sleep Take a dip in Celestial Ocean Cosmic frankness is alluring Away from sophisticated lies Simple realities to salvage Existing in immensity Sleep can be asked to … Continue reading Stellar Moments

Conscious Soul

Soul carries the knowledge of eternal antiquity Incessantly narrates them to an eager confidante Pulsating with the rhythm of life  Stream of consciousness flows through eternity Close the eyes and feel with the fingertips Inch by inch, to traverse the distant parallel world Cryptic messages kiss the nimble fingers Sparks ignite and cosmic world flares up Silence becomes a profound medium To narrate the heartfelt … Continue reading Conscious Soul

The Evening

Leaning towards an intriguing evening Somber moods of the day flailingly seek refuge Soft murmur of darkness is a pleasant surprise The heart is unburdened of undesirable anarchy Voices will be heard again with patience Parched life drinks from a mystical stream  Silver essence of the potion rejuvenates the soul Mind is eager to embrace the evening’s candour  From darkness appears a messiah of hope Pray thee … Continue reading The Evening

Nature’s Storytelling

Nature’s relentless tapping goes unnoticed There’s an awakening every day with changed landscapes Eccentricities of the wilderness and exuberance of freedom Depths cannot be fathomed by minuscule drops of consciousness What’s higher than the highest and deeper than depths? Surrounded by concentric belts to hold them in place Nothing can hold the enthusiasm in place for time cannot measure Every possible unit calculation spirals out … Continue reading Nature’s Storytelling


Photographs of reality are concealed in vaults of eternity We have been powerless to comprehend the proofs of Universe It is a paradoxical situation as our explanations are inadequate From the mythical times and written discourses through ages Multitude of interpretations even after numerous sessions of reading Duplicating them continuously to add to layers of concentric rings Where consciousness is trapped and encircled by banality … Continue reading Limitations

Hopeful Night

Night crafted a fascinating piece of artwork Abstract ideas are illustrated in intricate detail Fine engravings etched out by the intense silver rays It is a clandestine retreat to deceive sleep Embellished with most exquisite nature’s artistry Soft grasses will provide the comfort of bed Wilderness is the mirror to reflect Divine light Spend time away from the time-worn feelings  Night’s brightest stars will restore the … Continue reading Hopeful Night

Extravagant Moments

From the pages of eternity, an uprising of golden memory Without the filters, streams of extravagant light captivate the souls Embellishments of the day are overshadowed by divine radiance Feelings are inspired to walk among the realms of triumphant life Incantations of ancient hymns reverberate among spiritual awakening Celebrations of the world will be reflected in those eyes seeking magic Visions of the Universe will guide life to trace … Continue reading Extravagant Moments