Unable to Determine

Our imaginations wish to believe in the beautiful manifestation of nature Dreamers, idlers, and innocent vagabonds always think of being there When communications fail and conscience dictates in a firm language Revolting time shuts down the consciousness too Another reality makes an appearance, but the mirrors are unable to reflect It can be a depressing revelation We are perpetually frozen in an antithetical dream All … Continue reading Unable to Determine

A Silence Speaks

It is not that quiet after all There is a kind of mysterious silence which is enthusiastic About finding something Thoughts flow like the meandering brook Changing landscapes, different realities Myriad echoes, past truths, and sleeping spirits The past is still relevant Everything surrendered to eternity transforms Even the kind of reality that dawns Birthed at a chosen time, life takes a new meaning The … Continue reading A Silence Speaks

The Interruptions

There are many interruptions between the source and empty spaces Lengthy detours across strange sentiments Finally lands vaguely, uninspired, and without an invitation For that time has long gone and their relevance is diminished Time is heavy on the restructuring of the faults and anomalies Advanced steps on the sacred territories are disastrous Not guided by the right stars, and words reflect that confusion Possessed … Continue reading The Interruptions

Moments Lapse

A moments lapse widens the chasm Yes, the journey continues through naysayers’ claims Paths riven with a force vigorous and pernicious When contemplated nothing, choices become violent Pledging over the banality- time utters new diktats Walking across the reality; a rhythm of silent rampage Lusty eyes speak of the diabolical dreams Cosmic silence is a mysterious language to interpret Cryptic signs, designs other-worldly, appear faintly … Continue reading Moments Lapse


No one knows how long the lies have been preserved All the storytellers had decided to leave cryptic messages  Here and there, scattered and visibly camouflaged Identifying them is a task; while unearthing some narcissistic treasures Strange incidents have been occurring under the awakened universe Maybe times are inimical for the truth to remain unapproachable Lost languages and wayward wanderings took a different journey A … Continue reading Healing


The resounding slap of nature surpasses the sound barrier Stunning; it wakes up lethargic consciousness from slumber Stultifying silence and apathy of heart revolting against its culture Hardworking monsters have built a replica of a dome There’s that constant reconnaissance threatening freedom of thoughts An air of artificiality stunts the maturing process of minds Every day the drink of disgust and slow toxicity is culpable … Continue reading Effect

Reality of Dream

All things invisible during the day become conspicuous by night Night could be the mystical cave where a soul retires to meditate A drop of echo awaken the universe’s folklores to be narrated Distinct voice float around to narrate truth in a privileged time Stories spoken of from distant unknown lands become real Brilliant smile illumine the cosmic world with merriment and hope World draped … Continue reading Reality of Dream

The Chimeras

Mischief of days continuously intensify the woes of inconsolable darkness Every little dream is forgotten in pithy conversations of insincere affinity Character cannot be taken off like clothes that don’t fancy the time anymore Shades of cosmic consciousness identifies the reality through disguise Life cannot be conquered at will with the diktats of a spurious heart Darkness won’t pamper the frivolous one who breaks away … Continue reading The Chimeras